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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we have a flood watch statewide. flood warnings are up for most of the western shore including baltimore. we may get some flash floods tonight. we'll get more detail on how much we've seen and the rest of the forecast and what it looks like. >> reporter: well, it's wet. it's not that bad as of now. before the live shot, it was coming down. it's picked up a little bit more. i would say we have light rain coming across the area. we'll see more heavy rain moving in here. all day long, we've dealt with the rain. by 10:00, we had an inch of rain in a lot of spots. with all of the rain we saw, we have the flood watches and the flood warnings up as well. some tips for you, if you're driving in the rain, don't drive-thru the flooded roadways.
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turn around, don't drown. 6inches of fast moving water knock you off of your feet. the winds will be a factor as well. right now, the winds are sustained out of the south east at 10 to 15 miles per hour. that's picking up as we go through time. we'll have another live report coming up it helps to have that raincoat, right. >> reporter: exactly. we have heavy rain coming up -- we'll have more in a few minutes. >> another place seeing serious flooding is near the pepsi plant in hampden. we're live with the latest. yeah, this is in the hampden area. a lot of people who lived here like to come and look at the jones jones. you'll notice, it's not raining
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on me, i'm standing directly under the jones falls expressway. under the jones falls, the expressway is the jones falls. it's extremely high and crashing into the bridge that runs across here to the park. across the way there at the athletic club, you can see that car. what happened here is that the city came town and recommended that the people who work here evacuate. they said that the water would come up, get your vehicles out of here. most that work here are used to this happening. first of all, the one car -- well, that driver didn't make it out, but most did. that's the real issue. most are used to it happening. up north in mount washington, they've evacuated the mount washington mill.
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that's because the jones falls runs next to it. they're worried that the water could inundate the cars. there are no reports of injuries and the evacuation in the area was voluntary. that area in mount washington was mandatory. most are used to the situation and they managed to get their cars away. i just got off of the phone with an official for the baltimore city fire department who says that the only other problems are on eager street. that's a manhole where the water is coming down on eager street. the 400 block is that area. that's an area they're looking at and the areas here near the jones falls and north in mount washington. they're the areas of concern now. the water's not coming up highier than it is now.
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it seems to have stabilized at a highier level than it would normally be. we'll get back to you with new information as we get it. all right, thank you. we've learn that had the governor declared a state of emergency. we're still in the flood watch until 7:00 a.m. in the morning. if you're out and about, you know that getting around in this area was a nightmare. the flooding is a problem. it could also get a lot worse. as they said in the forecast, they mention that had the rain will be coming down. for many, they'll keep an eye on the local rivers and streams. the possibility of flooding along the gym near the falls closed early. the falls is notorious for flash floods. the levels of the creeks and streams are raised. this here is the road.
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the traffic was diverted around the area and they're staffing the state's emergency center. so far, much of the issues around the state are minor. once the rain stops tonight, there could be problems. tentatively, right now, we're looking at how the situation could unfold. we could be here through saturday. one of the things we have to think about, we have the rain now, and as the storm moves north, whatever rain is falling in pennsylvania and new york, and fills over the river basins and lakes and streams, the water will make its way to maryland. >> the state has the state departments going towards the services commission to be monitoring things to make sure they can respond quickly if they're need. all right, thank you. and annapolis is closely watching the rains and the tides high tide will be in about 3 hours.
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that could mean flooding around the docks. the lunar high is about 8:14. looking at the winds, they'll probably be high at least an hour or two after that. probably start to go down later tonight. >> after the water recedes, the streets shutdown because of the flooding will be reopened. we have all of the latest weather updates on the website. all of the weather alerts are on the top of the screen at we have a map that will show you where the storm is now and where it's headed. well, the rain won't stop them this time. the baltimore education coalition says that 3000 people signed up for seats on buses going to the state capital to protest spending reductions for statewide.
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it was supposed to take place last week, but the weather forced them to change the date. a measure that would allow immigrants to pay instatutuation rates has been move -- instatutuation rate -- in state tuition rates is moving forward. a major road in front of the capital will be closed monday. senators are warned to get to the session earlier. the rally is the same day they're expected to vote on the bill. and tomorrow, the house could hold a final vote on the same sex marriage bill. it appears that the measure will pass. the house members discussed making amendments yesterday and they locked up the same version
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locked up by the senate. governor o'malley said he'll sign the bill. a grand jury indicted ten baltimore city police officers and two repair shop employees in an illegal towing scheme. 31 officers have been suspended. the 17 police officers were taken off of the job. they were charged with taking kick backs from the accident scene from a towing company city has a proper towing group called medallion. well, she played a killer on the series "the wire." now, she's in trouble with the law again in real life. he was one of dozens arrested in a drug raid in baltimore this morning. she has a troubled past. she was convicted of second degree murder as a teen and she was arrested on a drug charge when she was picked up for refusing to cooperate in a
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trial. now, the latest on the budget battle in wisconsin. things are heating up after the senate found a way through a loophole to pass the controversial budget be ill with the -- budget bill with the democrats still missing. it could be signed as soon as today. >> reporter: now, it's the wisconsin assembly's turn. last night, the senate republicans used maneuvers to ram through a bill stripping most union rights. >> it's a vaillation of law -- violation of law! >> reporter: most of the democrats hid out in illinois. >> that's not democracy, that's dictatorship. >> it's the pearl harbor of worker's rights issues. >> reporter: thousands swarmed the capital last night. shouting outside the heavily
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guarded chamber. >> i want the public involved and all of the legislators involved. >> it's outrageous what they've done. >> reporter: the move came after stalled negotiations. this republican governor says he applauded their actions. >> this is about protecting the middle class and doing it in a way that avoids massive lay offs and tax increase. >> reporter: this leader will be guiding the bill through today. >> the attempt by some won't be successful. we need to let the people hear both sides and move on from here. >> reporter: a recent study found 23% of the residents wanted the govern ier to use the strong arm tack tickets an both groups recalled several state lawmakers. abc news, new york. well, from the schoolyard to the white house, bullying is
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a hot topic. what are you giving up for lent? many say that social networking has to go. and a new line of food is helping trim your dog's waistline.
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tonight, we're giving you the secrets to find out if the things you buy are downsized. shoppers need to compare one
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thing. it's something that the big manufacturers don't want you to figure out. >> i feel like the company should know they're aware of what they're doing. it stinks even >> tonight, we'll show you who's shrinking their product sizes and how to fight back against that. well, thank you. and you know, as the products are shrinking, our waistlines are growing. so are the waistlines of our pets. we're more allergic to the world around us and so are our pets. we're talking about organic dog food. >> beans, peas, mushrooms. farm raised. now, the next dish is going to be our dog gone green. now, we'll start cooking the chicken. >> and of course, with humans, moderation is the key.
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it will cost a little bit more. now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast determined most accurate by weather rate. bottom line, there's a lot of precipitation to say the least. we've picked up huge rain totals. you can see the heaviest centered over from bel air up over delta and perryman and perryville and i-95. we have a tough go over leer and flood -- over here and flooding concerns are big. this is not the last round of rain we'll see. with that in mind, flood warnings continuing up and trying to break this down as best we can. we have a flood watch statewide through 7:00 a.m. in the morning. also, in addition to that. we have warnings for creeks and rivers. also, for harford county and southern baltimore county.
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anne arundel and southern maryland also, we have flash flood warnings up south and west of washington. take a look at the totals. to i tow, 3.1 inches. edge mere, 2.75. most are around the center parts of the state. we have coastal concerns on top of that. you can see the heavy wet weather coming in throughout the day. in baltimore, it's soaking the city and soaking much of the state. annapolis, i mean, that's tremendous amounts of rain coming down and whipping up the severn and getting windy out there as well. right now, the current conditions are 57 degrees. barometer is holding steady, it's been falling. temperature in the mid-to upper 50s. this is a warm, core storm system. no threat to the weather center. of course, the mountains may
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see a little bit of the winter weather. we're at 20 and some of the gusts are highier. gusting to 31 in baltimore and 30 in easton. with the wind, the advanced high tide. that's at 8:30 in annapolis. we have flood warnings up along the western shore. we have a coastal flood advisory given the direction out of the south east. that's going to push the water up in an ominous away long the chesapeake places. all right, satellite and radar, two different rounds of rain. that's the round we're dealing with now. now, the backside of the system is sweeping through and bringing in more rain to flying that's a wide area of low pressure and we have the future castor shows steady rain through 9:00. we'll get the slow rain from west to east. keep in mind, several hours of
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run off after the rain ends, we could see the rising water. so, 43 tonight and rain contes. maybe a hit or miss thunderstorm. good news, drying out tomorrow. the morning will feature more of the run off and rising water. the seven-day forecast is showing the out look. it's much improved after today and tonight. you would never realize what we're looking at. saturday, 60 degrees. that's nice and sunny weather on sunday. breezy friday, that's good. that will help dry things out, too. another inch or two possible tonight. >> that's nasty. >> yeah, and more to come -- come. ash wednesday starts a period of reflection and sacrifice involving a fast.
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some give up chocolate or using bad words. if you really want to give up something, try facebook and twitter. >> it's a short period of time, 40 days. it gives you a opportunity to think about, is there something i could be doing that i need to stop and is there something i would like to do more of. >> i want to see my friends, like, actually in person. >> now, giving up facebook may be harder than you thought considering how it's expanding. last year, 1 in every 8 minutes online was on a social networking site. that adds up to 50 billion minutes. the average user spends about 25 minutes every day on the
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site. well, cancer has become a common part of every day life. now, one out of 20 people over the age of 20 is living with it. we'll have more on the state of cancer in the u.s.. plan b could be used as a plan a. the morning after pill could be taken the morning of.
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>> more americans are living with cancer than before. according to a new study by the national cancer institute. one out of 20 americans is now a cancer surviver. timothy johnson has more.
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>> reporter: using data compiled by other studies, the estimated number of cancer survivers in the u.s. increased from 10 million in 2001 to almost 12 million in 2007. women have a highier rate of survival than men. almost 2/3 of cancer survivers had been living with the disease five years or more. the most common cancers diagnosed were breast, prostate cancer and colon cancer. researchers site several reasons for the increased cancer survival rates including advancements in screening and earlier detection, plus u.s. population. if the trends continue, the
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